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Paleo Easy Dinner Recipe – Perfect Orange Chicken

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4 tablespoons of bacon fat or olive oil
1 lb boneless skinless chicken in bite-size pieces
Salt and black pepper, to taste
For the Sauce:
1 cup water
3 tablespoons raw honey
3 tablespoons coconut aminos
Zest of 1 orange
1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
2 tablespoons arrowroot flour
1/8 teaspoon red pepper flakes

Paleo Easy Dinner Recipe – Perfect Orange Chicken

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Paleo Easy Dinner Recipe – Perfect Paleo Orange Chicken

For this Paleo easy dinner recipe, you can use chicken breast or thighs (or a combination) to make this dish, as you prefer.

Along with the chicken we are using honey, coconut aminos, orange, ginger and red pepper, along with arrowroot for thickening.

This tasty Chinese dish is gorgeous served over cauliflower rice (grated cauliflower sautéed until tender) or mixed steamed vegetables.

Consider snow peas, carrot, water chestnuts and onions.

This Paleo easy dinner recipe is best when you use fresh orange zest and juice, just so you can expect a fresher flavor.

If you’re going to serve this with cauli-rice, stir a handful of chopped green onion, a splash of coconut aminos and a raw egg into it while it’s on the stove. When the egg sets it’s done and you have your own paleo version of egg fried rice to pair with this delicious dish.


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Season the chicken with salt and pepper.


Whisk all the sauce ingredients in a pan over a moderate to high heat and bring the mixture to a boil, stirring often. Let this mixture thicken then take it off the heat.


Melt the fat in a skillet over a moderately high heat and add the chicken.


Cook for 5 minutes or until well browned, then drain off any excess fat.


Add half the sauce to the chicken and stir well, then take the mixture off the heat and serve, pouring the extra sauce over your side dish (which could be cauliflower rice, steamed vegetables or anything else you want!)

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